Determination Through the Storm …. and alas the ‘Pointy Finger’

Following on from so many fabulous additions to this blog, well, it’s quite overwhelming and daunting to say the least!


Like many of Deb’s friends, I have, indeed, found her passing very difficult. Life is not the same anymore, breakfast after the school run is no longer, mid-afternoon naps are a thing of the past (yes, I did join in with all of these, cancer or not! I wasn’t about to leave her, she might have needed something. and who doesn’t like a nap?!) Then it would be ‘we really should get some work done now!’


This blog is where we can all come together, talk about our feelings and power through. Deb would always say to me ‘no, no, no….. Get your pointy finger out Frankie, you’re not having this!’ ….. and I’m not! If anyone doesn’t know what the ‘pointy finger’ is…… it’s basically making things happen. But when you are telling people how things are going to be, you have to tap the surface of anything that is to hand!  This was ultimate ‘go to’ in a time of crisis! This would include educating restaurant staff on the importance of cross contamination when dealing with a coeliac.

Try doing it, it definitely works.


I have been thinking over the past months about how I can help people through these times, I mean, I can’t go and have a nap with them……… It just wouldn’t work out! I’m good at delegation, a strong leader, a great advocate?????


It came to me after Deb’s passing, I want to carry on her dream of helping and empowering others through Cancer in the Workplace. Deb delivered some amazing training days along with Howes Percival Solicitors with this. It showed compassion, empathy and determination. Let’s educate employers on how to manage these difficult times, we could all, at times do with a bit of continued professional and personal development after all.


I am super excited and blessed to be working with some of the most formidable women in the training business, Anita Douglas, Doreen Yarnold and Jane Hood at Leading Results. Not forgetting the one and only Simon Starkey, he’s keeping me on track, doing Deb proud! These guys have been my saviour and my rock throughout. Without them I am pretty sure I would be crazy pants by now! (I am still, just a tiny bit!)


This is Deb’s legacy, we must carry on through the storm. When she told me she would always look after me, I know now how she was going to do it. Now we are starting to see the rainbow form…..after the storm in the different shades of blue.

CITW facebook-cover

As always, I will finish on a quote:


Frankie xx


One thought on “Determination Through the Storm …. and alas the ‘Pointy Finger’

  1. That is a lovely piece of writing Frankie. I love the way you and Debs’ friends are keeping this going, and filling in some of the gaps about her for people like me, who didn’t know her very well x


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