A New Chapter, Maltese Strength and Luck of the Irish….

I’ve realised in recent weeks that I have become a self taught expert in bowel cancer. I think I now understand how complicated and difficult it is for scientists and experts to “find a cure” for cancer. The human body is so complex, and having a BRAF mutation makes it even more challenging!!  

So, after I was told by my oncologist my current line of treatment wasn’t working, we had to go back to the drawing board. Dam BRAF! With only 5% of Colorectal Cancer’s having a BRAF mutution why did this mutant decide to pick me?? Very very annoying…..

Anyway, I was upset by this news, I was aware that the drugs would become resistant – I just wasn’t expecting it quite so soon. We explored options – and whilst I still have options there’s still hope!! Cutting a very long story short, my oncologist referred me to The Royal Marsden in London. 

The Marsden specialise in Phase 1 trails – this is where a drug has come out of the Lab with promising results and they start the process of trials with humans. Unknowns on trials become the norm, no statistics, no one can say whether the treatment will benefit your cancer but it’s an opportunity to try and if anything get involved in innovative new lines of treatments that could save lives in the future. Sign me up I say!! 

I had my first visit on St Patrick’s Day and I saw a Maltese Professor – I took this as a good sign. They talked through the trials but said there was no guarantee they could get me on one and I’d need to pass screening. But 3 weeks later, I’m signed up, I’m just need to pass the screening session next week then cross fingers the trial will start after Easter. I will be admitted to the Marsden whilst they administer the drug for 3 days then they will let me go home. 

So, I’m about to embark on a new chapter of my cancer journey. I’m feeling positive and very confident in the Marsden – a hospital that knows how to deal with cancer patients is really reassuring. 

My boxing gloves are on and I’m ready……

As ever I like to finish on a quote:

Deborah x 


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