2017, The year of Change

It’s at this time of year I like to reflect. 2016 was yet another bumpy year for me. The start of 2016 I found myself in circumstances I wasn’t expecting but things started to improve I finished chemo and got ‘the all clear’ from cancer. 

This unfortunately was short lived and mutant cancer cells decided that I hadn’t had enough trauma, and returned with a vengeance. That was the summer and possibly the worst news of my life. 

As the year progressed, I travelled, had some great holidays with my daughter, my friend, and my family. Life was improving. I started chemo again, so adjusted to the new regime but continued to focus on my business. I had a very success year at work and presented at a seminar on managing cancer in the workplace – which turned out to be the best day of my career. 

I thought things couldn’t get any better, but they did, my scan results showed chemo was working (Yey!), my positive mindset defiantely helped! I had a great Christmas with my family and my year ended on a high – meeting some new people that have made my life complete! 

So what will 2017 bring. For me this will be the year of change, I’ve set myself some goals for my business – I’m launching my cancer employment advice service, which is exciting. It’s going to be another jam packed year of creating amazing memories with some special people, which is exciting too! My health will continue to be my challenge, but it’s never stopped me being happy or getting on with life. 

So how am I feeling now? In this moment, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and life is good. 2017 is going to be the year when good things happen and things turn around for the better – I just know it!! 

Always like to finish on a quote:

Make 2017 be the year you make that positive change – enjoy the ride – we only get one chance at it!

Deborah xx 


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