The one that got away…


Cancer is one of those diseases that impacts your whole life – whether that’s physically, mentally, those around you and normal day to day living such as work and finances. 

Since chemotherapy finished in January I’ve been busy focusing on getting back to  living. Hospital visits declined too which was a welcoming relief. 

About a month ago I noticed a small lump under the collorbone on my neck (coming from a lymph node) and whilst I was a little concerned, thought I’d mention it in passing at my next hospital visit. When I did mention it at my appointment  I hadn’t expected what then followed…..

Given my past medical history the Dr acted quickly and I had a series of tests; CEA bloods, CT scan, a biopsy and a mammogram. I was then referred to a consultant in ENT (Ear Nose and Throat). They informed me that I would need to have this lymph node removed (as they believe it’s cancer related) and booked me in for an operation. 

Yesterday I went to see my Oncologist (who is an amazing Dr) who was able to give me some clarity as to next steps. He believes that it’s related to my colon cancer (although we won’t know this until the results come back after my operation) and if this is the case informed me that I would probably need a course of radiotherapy. 

As I write this post I’m waiting to go into to hospital to get my node removed. Did I think a couple of months ago I would be facing more cancer related interventions? Definitely not. How do I feel? Absolutely gutted but….. On the positives; if this is colon cancer cells and the only place they’ve travelled to is a node in my neck, then there’s still a chance of beating this disease for good. I’m a fighter and whilst facing another cycle of treatment is going to be really tough, I know my family and friends will help to get me though it. 

This is definitely the cancer cell “that got away” – but not for long! 

So to keep me focused whilst I recover from this operation – this will become my to do list….


I can’t control cancer, but what I can do is focus on getting through each day, and being truly grateful for the love of all my family and friends.

Deborah X 


8 thoughts on “The one that got away…

  1. Well, I don’t actually “like” it, Deb, but I love your bravery and determination. Yes, you will get through this and we’re all rooting for you. Sz xx


  2. How very dare that little node even consider turning to the dark side! Spread your wings strong eagle, you can do this! Xx


  3. Hope you get better, it’s another hill to climbe. On reaching the summit. Imagine that’s you have put all and any cancerous cells in your backpack, laden with bricks and take it off your shoulders and chuck it over the edge !
    Angy x


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