Wheat? Who needs Wheat…. Celebrating all things gluten free

With it being Coeliac Awareness Week I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to celebrate all of my favourite gluten free foods. 

When I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease two years ago the thought of never eating wheat again filled me with dread. “I’m going to starve and live on salad for the rest of my life!” I soon learnt that this was not the case. It’s taken me over 12 months (and a cancer diagnosis) to adjust to a gluten free lifestyle and work out my ‘safe foods’ that I can eat when I go out. 

I have seen a vast improvement to the supply of gluten free foods in supermarkets and restaurants. Sainsburys have a huge range of free from foods and I just love M&S – they make the nicest chicken salad gluten free sandwich. 

On a recent work trip to London rather than bring my lunch from home I knew there was an M&S at the train station and was able to pick up my GF sandwich… Bliss! Yes I did enjoy every bite! 

I’ve never been great at baking but I’ve put a lot of effort in making gluten free cakes and mastering my skills. I find shop bought cakes aren’t nearly as yummy as homemade ones. My top three signature GF cakes are:

1. Lemon poppy seed cake

Words cannot describe how nice this cake was, it was made with sour cream too, was really light in texture and tasted amazing! 

2. Buttermilk sponge with fresh strawberries and Philadelphia   

A lot sweeter than the lemon poppy seed cake but beautiful on a lovely British summer day. 

3. Ultimate chocolate brownies

I’ve featured this receipe in a previous blog post. These are the nicest brownies I’ve ever tasted (calorific but yummy)! Really easy to make and you would never notice that they are gluten free. 

Oh and we must not forget one of my favourite gluten free British dishes – fish fingers, iceberg lettuce, mayo, cheese, ciabatta roll (Sainsbury’s own) and McCain gorgeous chips -these are made in beef dripping….. Yum!

 I also find it extremely satisfying when I find new gluten free foods to try – like the time when I was in Tesco freezer isle and I noticed a box of gluten free donuts, I yelped in excitement (sad I know). 

Being a Coeliac can be challenging and unfortunately for me personally hid all the symptoms to my bowel cancer diagnosis. However it is a condition that can be managed by diet alone, which is great! And for those people who don’t understand coeliac disease:

  • It’s not a fad diet
  • I’m not trying to lose weight
  • Yes I can eat dairy 
  • No I can’t “cheat” (unless I want to be very ill)
  • Yes you can love food again! 

I normally always like to finish on a quote, but this made me laugh out loud!

So true! 😊

Deborah X 


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