Rome – Gluten Free Style! 


I recently had the opportunity to take a weekend break to Rome with my gluten free buddy for her birthday.  We had a fantastic weekend, and it was my first trip since my op and chemo.

As a Coeliac travelling abroad it can be quite stressful to constantly worry about where/what to eat and when I think of Italy, I think – pasta! (Wheat) pizza! (Wheat again!) This however, wasn’t the case in Rome. Before we left the UK we had figured out how to say gluten free in Italian “Senza glutine” and printed off our Travel guide from Coeliac UK

So what did Rome have to offer? 

Well on day 1 we stumbled upon a gluten free bakery – YES a GLUTEN FREE bakery. After taking a few minutes to digest this, we took another 10 minutes working out what to purchase – when was the last time I had more than one GF choice?? Answer – never! 

This bakery was located on the road to the Panthon ‘via di Torre Argentina’ the staff were lovely and there was a good selection of breads and pastries. Note – it is closed on Mondays!  


I had an amazing donut cream – yum!  

I am always planning my next meal and when in Rome – this was no exception! We were keen to try an authentic Italian gluten free pizza. After seeking advice from a local coeliac we visited a pizzeria near the Vatican, off of Piazza Risorgimento. This was quite a walk from our apartment but we visited en route to the Vatican – it was definitely worth it! 


There was a good selection of GF pizza and pasta and our pizza was amazing! We wasn’t disappointed and the prices were quite reasonable too! 

Yes I did mange to eat most of it myself… 

 We visited a number of restaurants during our stay and most were accommodating.

 We ate in Gino 51, Trastevere – this restaurant was the most expensive one but I think that’s more to do with the location being in a popular tourist area.

Gino 51 – Seabass with sauté potatoes:  

We found a restaurant serving gluten free pasta around the  Monti area (15 minutes walk from the Colosseum). Again quite expensive and the serving was small. There was also a number of gluten free restaurants near the Piazza Navona area. 

Our verdict? Romans are very knowledgable when it comes to Coeliac’s and the food was extremely good! Rome is a beautiful city with lots of culture and soul. 

My top tips when visiting Rome would be:

  • Work out all the places you want to visit, research GF restaurants and plan your route – we walked 27 miles over a weekend! 
  • Don’t wear high heels – it’s cobbled streets make it a nightmare to walk
  • Watch out for cars in the narrow streets – when visiting Trastevere a car wing mirror hit me when reading a restaurant menu! 
  • Stow your bags in luggage storage (especially if you have a late flight home) its cheap and allowed us to continue site seeing right up until our taxi arrived to take us to the airport 
  • Don’t forget to throw a coin into the Trevi fountain – to make sure you return! 

Finally as I always like to finish with a quote: 


Deborah X

**with special thanks to Frankie!**



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