Look Good Feel Better Workshop – Review


I was lucky enough to recently attend a free local Look good feel better workshop and I have to say it was fantastic! I’ve never had so much fun on a 2 hour workshop. 

The practical workshop takes you through a 12 step process of applying make up. When I arrived in the room I was really taken back when the volunteers (running the workshop) provided us all with our own bag of goodies (see pic above and below). It was like Christmas all over again! 

Within my bag was everything I needed to follow the 12 step process. Included was a range of well know skincare and makeup products including Clinique, Olay and No7- all these products were donated. As an added extras was a YSL perfume – lovely!   

The volunteers (who were all experienced make up artists/beauticians) talked us through each step and showed us how to apply each product. Top tips I learnt were:

  • When applying mascara always do bottom lashes first (it means you don’t get mascara all over your eyelids)
  • When applying eyeliner use a cotton bud to blend (lovely)
  • Use eyeshadow colours that bring out your eye colour – gold/yellow is perfect for blue eyes
  • Use a makeup brush to line up where you should apply eyebrow liner 
  • Use lipbalm before applying lip liner and lipstick (for a longer lasting look)

It’s amazing what you can learn about make up, even after 20 odd years of using it – great advice and great tips!! 

This workshop is fantastic for women who are faced with cancer. Chemotherapy plays havoc with your skin, hair – basically most parts of your body and this workshop reminds me of how make up can not only cover a world of sins, it can also help your self esteem. 

This quote seemed quite appropriate: 

Yes we are all one of a kind, our appearance does change when going through cancer treatment but beauty always remains….

Deborah X 


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