My new ‘normal’ is about to begin…….

Yes cancer, it’s been tough and I’ve hated every minute, but I somehow found the strength to continue, to take each step, to fight and now I’ve been given a second chance at life and I’m truly grateful for that. You made me realise the reason I’ve been given this life and I promise you, I won’t take it for granted, I will do good things, I won’t look back in anger but I will live ‘in the moment’ and cherish each day….

So I got my CT scan results and was told I’m cancer free. I felt relieved and emotional! I now can finally focus on my physical recovery of chemo and feel well again!!! Yippee! 

 I also got my Groshong line removed – well it was pulled out, it didn’t hurt, just felt uncomfortable. Again feels great to get that removed! 

So what next? I know I’ve done everything I can (from a treatment perspective) to prevent cancer coming back. Cancer is a waiting game and I’ll still have regular checks over the next 5 years. Cancer can also be overwhelming at times like an emotional roller coaster. So what’s my plan, well that is:

  • To ‘live in the moment’ – I’m not going to worry about the what if’s. I’m fully aware this is a challenge in itself and I will get days when I feel like this, but hopefully mindfulness meditation will help. 
  • To continue to raise awareness of bowel cancer and research into finding a cure for cancer. I’ve signed my daughter and I plus close family and friends to race for life in the summer to raise lots of pennies to cancer research
  • To have fun! – I’m planning to go on lots of holiday’s this year with my family & days out and generally enjoy life. 

I’m finally at the top of my Mount Everest – gosh I never thought I would make it! I’m now looking forward (not backwards) to the climb down. I can’t control cancer but I can cherish everyday….

Here’s to living, loving life and having fun..  I like to finish on a quote and I think this one is my favourite…. I know life won’t be the same again, but I looking forward to living my new normal.

Deborah X 


6 thoughts on “My new ‘normal’ is about to begin…….

  1. Deborah,

    Despite all the difficulties, uncertainties, you’ve battled your way to the top of Your Mount Everest.

    A True Warrior, with a ‘real’ understanding of life, that only an experience of this nature can bring. A really tough time, but with a great outcome, well done you! Am inspired and humbled _/\_

    Lovely to read your Wonderful Words, straight from your Joyful Heart.



  2. Deborah, congratulations on getting there. About to start the same 12 week treatment and reading your blog has given me real confidence that I CAN do it. A huge thank you for that. Annie


    1. Hi Annie thank you for your message. You can do it, it will be the toughest thing you ever do but I promise you there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Sending good wishes your way, Deborah


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