My Top 10 benefits of a gluten free diet 


On a previous post I’ve talked about my challenges of living as a coeliac but I thought I would take the opportunity to post some of the benefits of a gluten free diet – and yes there are some benefits!!! 

Sorry I couldn’t resist this picture (above), I’m sure that will be me when I’m a skeleton! 😬

So here goes:

  1. You’re not eating poison anymore  (from a coeliac perspective) -gluten that is – and you’re digestive system will love feeling good. 
  2. Bloating what’s that? Picture this, you’re in a restaurant and you’ve just finished a 3 course meal (full of gluten I suspect), how do you feel? Bloated? Do you feel like you’ve got a food baby in your stomach? That’s how I use to feel before I was diagnosed a coeliac. Since my diet changed I never get bloated – yes I get full, but never bloated – great isn’t it?
  3. Stomach problems are now a distant memory. Ok so I’m not the best person to compare to another coeliac, since I did get diagnosed with bowel cancer and abdominal pain was a massive issue for me. But, now the tumour is gone I don’t suffer with any stomach issues. 
  4. Processed food is a thing of the past. A gluten free diet does force you into eating a lot healthier as you generally have to cook meals from scratch. 
  5. You can save time in the supermarket when you’re shopping – what I mean by this is the regular supermarkets I use – I don’t go down the biscuit isle, generally skip the main crisp isle and fresh bread/bakery section. That’s at least 10 minutes saved! 
  6. A trip to your local coffee shop, such as Costa or Starbucks becomes less expensive and better for your waistline – as the tempting cakes are they are off the menu, although I know they do a couple of gluten free cakes. 
  7. Can’t decide on what to food to choose when you’re in a restaurant? Too much choice? Isn’t a problem if your gluten free as I can predict the choices – salad, omelette (yes there’s always a omelette), chicken/beef etc. Anyway my point is, on a menu full of say 30 dishes – 5 maybe gluten free! 
  8. No more brain fog – before my coeliac diagnosis I use to suffer with not being able to think straight. Ok I’ve had this with my chemotherapy too but I know that’s the drugs.
  9. You know what you’re eating since you become an expert in reading the ingredients on food labels. They say you are what you eat?
  10. I experiment more with receipes, which in turn gives me more variety in my diet. Quite often the family aren’t even aware the dish is gluten free – it’s just a matter of finding alternative stocks, sauces etc. 

I found this picture of goldilocks and the three bears, it did make me chuckle……

Although just to point out – when I explain to people that gluten makes me very sick, they automatically think I’ll be ill immediately after eating gluten. This is not the case – it’s got to hit my digestive system before that happens which is normally 4-6 hours after consuming gluten. 

Those are my 10 benefits a living gluten free, it’s not all bad and it’s amazing how you adapt – if my body’s happy then I’m happy! 😁

Deborah X 


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