Giving something back….


Since my diagnosis I’ve wanted to raise awareness of cancer, particularly for those under the age of 50.  The current pathway for bowel cancer within the NHS focuses mainly on people over the age of 50. Even my Consultant “wasn’t looking for cancer” because of being “too young.” 

From my own informal discussions with other patients, the cancer diagnosis seems to have come about whilst investigating other areas, in my case they thought I had Crohns, although it didn’t help that being a Coeliac hid a lot of the cancer symptoms.

So a couple of months ago I shared my story with Cancer Research UK and to be honest forgot all about it. Then just over a month ago the Cancer Research press officer for my area got in touch to talk about my story. She mentioned about a campaign they were running during the month of November to raise awareness for early diagnosis and whether I wanted to be involved. My answer was – absolutely! 

(Pic above is taken from the Cancer Research advert)

So this week I got a chance to go on BBC Radio Northampton (again!) and talk about my experiences. I was quite nervous but the presenter Stuart made me feel at ease. He couldn’t believe “how well I looked” – it was 7.30am and I had made an effort that morning, plus it was one of my “good days” so that helped! 

I also did a video with the press officer at Cancer Research, which you can watch in the link below:

Finally, my story appeared online at Northampton Chronicle & Echo’s website which you can also view on the following link:

It’s funny one of the chemo nurses today said “I should be asking for your autograph” after seeing the article – I did chuckle 😁.

I’m also planning to enter a big team (including my daughter) into the Race for Life next year, which will be amazing. 

So whilst cancer is horrendous and to be honest I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy – if something good can come out of this terrible situation, that’s good enough for me. 

If I can help one person be diagnosed early or rule out cancer – then I’ve achieved my aim. We will beat cancer and it’s my hope that when my daughter is an adult they will have found a cure. 

What is amazing is how family, friends and strangers all want to help and support me and do you know what? That’s priceless.  

Deborah x


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