You can do it!….. Anything is possible…..

Going through a life changing event can stop you in your tracks. It makes you think, reflect, ask yourself questions – why did that happen? Why me? Why didn’t I see it coming? Will life ever be the same again? Answer – no actually it won’t.   It’s like I’ve been in my own little bubble going through the chores of daily life and all of a sudden, one day someone came along with a huge pin and popped it. This was the day of my cancer diagnosis. I was stunned, shocked, I didn’t see that one coming! 

Once I got over the inital shock (and that took some time), I was then focused on the practical steps, taking each one in turn, surgery and chemo (so far!)

What I didn’t realise was the impact of receiving this life changing news. It’s like now I’m out of my bubble, my eyes have been opened.  I now see things from a different perspective and some of my insights have surprised me…..

  1. Top of the list is chemotherapy treatment. I could do my surgery twice over, but I have to say chemo is the toughest thing I have ever done (to date). 
  2. My strength – I know my previous post talked about this, but really I’m not sure where the strength has come from but it’s certainly helping!
  3. Live my dreams – the wall (that I never seemed to get over) has disappeared. I’m now working on all my ambitions and goals, I know I can achieve them now and it’s exciting!
  4. Helping others – I’m getting myself involved in raising awareness on early diagnosis with cancer – particularly under the age of 50 (which feels great). 
  5. Never, and I mean never will I take anything for granted again – that includes my family, friends, work, my hair, eating food (just not loving it at the moment) and most importantly feeling well. 
  6. Listening to my body – I know now when things aren’t right, and I’m more in tune with my body than I ever have been. 
  7. Take things a day at a time and enjoy living – I’m under no illusion that the next 5 years will be the toughest of my life, but I have no control of external factors (or whether cancer will come back). However I plan to enjoy living a day at a time. 

So, in summary – you can do it, anything is possible. Although it has taken a cancer diagnosis for me to realise this! There’s nothing stopping you from living your dreams and ambitions……I’m planning too!   




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