Gluten Free Chocochino Anyone? ……


I know what you’re thinking – to actually be able to enjoy a nice gluten free hot chocolate/Chocochino coffee shop style? It’s the one drink I really miss and almost impossible to have when out and about as hot chocolate is often contaminated so coffee shops often display the “may contain gluten” label.

I then discovered that Dolce Gusto Chocochino pods are gluten free after scanning the pod on my Coeliac UK App.  Excited with this news (and the fact it was on sale in Sainsburys) I decided to treat myself and buy a Dolce Gusto Mini Me Machine.  I’m not actually a coffee drinker but to be honest with the chemo drugs I’m on I can’t drink cold drinks (as it can cause spasms in your throat) and “room temperature” water, diet coke etc isn’t that great.  I’m also getting bored with drinking tea/peppermint tea and the thought of drinking alcohol makes me nauseous!

The verdict? Amazing!!! It’s really easy to use, just fill up the water compartment (it makes a couple of proper mugs) adjust the setting and pop your pod in and away you go…..What’s great is you can adjust the setting to have say more milk or more chocolate (as you use separate milk and chocolate pods), so you can vary the taste. You can also drink it straight away, so no fear of burning the roof of your mouth. If you want the drink slightly hotter I generally warm up the cup with boling water for a minute or so beforehand.

I’ve also purchased the Chocochino Caramel which is also very nice for an extra treat.

All in all very satisfied with my “mini me” and so would highly recommend it. My husband has sampled the cappuccino, Latte Macchiato (can never say that word without getting tongue tied!) and thinks it’s as good as Starbucks or Costa.

In terms of cleaning, really easy – the tray and pod compartment pop out so takes no more than a couple of minutes to clean after use. Perfect! 

Deborah x


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