Everything happens for a reason right?……

Now this has been one of my many positive mantra’s. When I have a bad day or things happen that I’ve not expected my answer is, things happen for a reason. Normally I can rationalise it and move on.

I have to say that lately with all the challenges that have been coming my way – I’m struggling to understand this concept and maybe in a couple of years I’ll look back and go ‘oh yeah that happened for a reason’!

My cancer journey (whilst still in its infancy) so far has been eventful – including the past few weeks, treatment has been delayed due to my PICC line moving, recovering from side effects of chemo, allergies to the PICC dressing, a visit to A&E with chest pains and finally my PICC line being removed. That’s my body’s way of saying “Right, I’m not having this situation – get this PICC out”…. My veins are saying “you want blood? No chance, it ain’t happening – if you want blood, you’ll have to come and find me first!”

So I’m now going to have a Groshong line put into my chest – hoping this will be a better option for me, my body and my veins (hopefully will be happy with this compromise) and I can crack on with treatment and FIGHT this Cancer off – for good!  I’m trying to get to the halfway mark of treatment – not there yet but hoping soon! It’s like when you’re running in a race and every muscle in your body is saying “enough! I can’t do it”! But somehow you find the strength to work through it and carry on.

As Winston Churchill said:….


Enough said.

Deborah x


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