Chiquito’s – My Favorite Gluten Free Restautant! 

My daughter and I have been eyeing up the new Chiquito’s Restaurant in Northampton for a number of weeks whilst it’s was being built. In preparation for opening I looked online to see if there was a gluten free (or gluten intolerant) menu. Expecting to find 3 items on the menu I was plesentantly surprised to find a whole 2 page menu. I know what your thinking – it did take me about 10 minutes to make my selection (unheard of nowadays!) There were lots of choices from fajitas, tacos to steak and even gluten free chips!

So as soon as it was opened I took my daughter (twice). I actually visited the restaurant 3 times in 1 week!

My gluten free potato skins with cheddar, sweetcorn and salsa…  

My gluten free steak with sweet potato fries and salad ….yum!  What I really liked about the restaurant – the staff seemed really savy with all my interrogation gluten free questions – I also really liked that they gave a “gluten intolerance” flag on your meal – nice touch!

The flavours were amazing, all freshly cooked and it’s got to be the best meal out I’ve had in around 18 months! (This is mainly due to me being ill for that long and now I have no tumour or abdominal pain it means I can enjoy eating out again!) – 😀

So I’m going to have say 10 out of 10 to Chiquito’s Northampton, great staff, lovely restaurant and great company! #Team James!

Anyone else been plesantly surprised with a restaurant that serves a decent gluten free menu? Would love to hear about it!

Deborah x



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