1 Down 11 To Go……

So I had my first chemotherapy session last week. I was hoping that this day would never come but it was envitable that it would. I really don’t know what I was expecting, I had my PICC line put in the day before – it took 2 hours which was a bit of a nightmare. This was due to the nurse “being trained” and my veins deciding that they didn’t want to come out to play (to be honest I don’t blame them I didn’t want to either!)

Once PICC was in there was no going back. When I stepped into the chemo suite the following day I felt unbelievably calm – the Oncology department has a sense of calmness (not like the rest of the hospital) which really helped to relax me.

Once I knew it I was being hooked up – and away we go…..   

What I didn’t realise was the length of time you’re in. The nurses explained I would be having an infusion over a few hours and then hooked up to a pump for 48 hours. In actual fact I was there most of the day – it took a couple of hours for my chemo to be ready and then have the drug. 

Once I finished my infusion I was then hooked up to a pump (which I had to find something to put it in as I didn’t want to hold it for the next few days). Anyway I thought hard…… Then I remembered I had a bumbag that I used when me and my husband did the Moon walk in London in May 2013. It’s was a great event and cause raising money for breast cancer – we raised over £700! (Pic below), wow who would have thought 2 years later I would be joining that cancer battle (albeit bowel related!)

And here’s it’s new use! …..  
So I’ve been suffering with side effects, one being numbness to my right hand when touching cold things so I’m wearing gloves in the freezer and I’m not allowed to drink anything with ice cubes or too cold as it can cause a spasm in your throat. I experienced a mild form of this when I was having the drug – I ate a yogurt and started to get a really warm throat, they stopped treatment gave me a warm cuppa and then I was ok.

Other than that, tiredness like you never believe and a few bowel issues but I won’t go into detail. Once around 5 days passed I felt a lot better and I even managed to go to Zumba this morning – although I’m not sure I’ll go too much as having PICC makes it all very restrictive – it’s all arms!

So it all starts again on Thursday but it’s one crossed off the list – I’m going beat this cancer, that’s my mantra….

Deborah x


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