The new hairdo! 

So earlier on in the week I explained that I was planning to get my hair cut short for a few reasons; My hair will thin with chemotherpy treatment and short hair will cover any roots and thinning patches.

I was really nervous about getting it cut but my hairdresser soon reassured me that it would look great. I kept some pieces of hair he cut off mainly in case I need a wig and they can match my hair colour.

So the results are:

Me before ……. 
Me after hairdo…..   

Do I like my haircut? Yes I’m getting use to it. My husband thinks I look like Tinkerbell but loves it and my daughter cried when she saw me but she likes it now. 

I’m seeing the hair and beauty specialist at the hospital this week to see how I look after my hair and skin whilst having chemo – I want to do as much as I can proactively to keep me looking healthy. I’m under no illusions that chemotherapy  treatment is going to take its toll on my body but if I can kee my hair and skin in tip top shape it will help right??

I’ve read that there are lots of things you shouldn’t do whilst having chemo – use a hot hairdryer, straighteners, colour hair…….There seems quite alot of things you can’t do but what can you do? Anyone who would like to share any tips on looking after hair and skin whilst having chemo treatment – please share! 

Deborah x


4 thoughts on “The new hairdo! 

    1. I think you look great and definitely look like Tinkerbell! I am due to have my sixth and final chemo next week for breast cancer. It’s been quite a journey but friends and family have helped me keep going and of course my beautiful son Finley. You will get through this xx Sending you love and light Melanie xx


      1. Thanks Melanie for your kind message. Good luck for the final round of chemo. Yes journey is a good way to describe it – my friends and family have been amazing as is anyone else I speak to who has/had cancer or been affected by it. Deb x


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