Just like a Swan …….


I’ve finally had my Oncology appointment on what my chemotherpy treatment plan will look like… I’m going to be having 12 cycles every two weeks of Oxaliplatin and 5FU with folinic acid. I’m also having a PICC line put in. I’ve decided already to call him “Pic” seeing as he’s going to be my new friend for the next 6 months.

“C” Day commences on 8th July……..

My reaction to this news?…… That’s going to be intense. I feel just like a swan at the moment – looking quite calm and tranquil on the surface but I’m paddling like crazy underneath!!

Questions, so many questions at the moment. They told me about side effects, my hair will go thin (but I shouldn’t lose it), nausea, numbing and tingling of the hands and feet (oh joy), tiredness (no change there then!), sore mouth…. the list goes on.

On a positive, I should be able to exercise and Zumba – although I haven’t done any since my operation 6 weeks ago, and I’ll probably have to wait another 6 weeks until I attempt Zumba again. Not sure where the energy will come from but that’s never stopped me!

After a couple of days of taking all this in I’ve decided to “bite the bullet” and get my haircut short – quite nervous about this but the appointment is booked for Wednesday so no going back now! I’ll write a post of how that goes later on in the week. 

I’ve also started to plan for how I can look after my skin, hands and feet whilst I’m having treatment and I came across a website selling Skincare for cancer patients and bought hand, foot and skin balm. They arrived today and smelt amazing. So I’ll be popping those in my chemo bag!


Anyone who has any ideas, tips, things to prepare me for chemotherpy would be very much appreciated. 

Deborah x


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