The Journey Starts Here!

Me Paul and Grace - WhitstableFour weeks since my emergency right hemicolectomy operation to remove a tumour from my bowel – who would have thought I’d be starting my first blog!

No seriously it’s been a crazy 12 months – my diagnosis for coeliac disease last year was a massive shock. Whilst my nan was a coeliac – all I can remember was her moaning about how terrible gluten free cornflakes tasted! So you can imagine when I was given this diagnosis  I went through phases of thinking I would not be able to eat anything I loved ever again (if you know me – I’m always thinking of my next meal!).

Coming to terms with gluten free living – and I mean living, you have to consider cross contamination – interrogate any waitress/waiter/chef in any restaurant you visit to make sure 1 – the food you are eating is gluten free and 2- that they’ve not contaminated it in their kitchen.  It does have some positives – it means you can order your meal in about 2 minutes (as there is generally only 3 items on the menu that you can actually eat!).

Over time however I’ve been able to eat the things l love again – with the exception of gluten!  Although I’m yet to find a gluten free donut – if anyone knows where I could get one, that would be amazing!

BUT……. nothing prepared me for the massive shock I received when my consultant told me that I had bowel cancer.

I’m 35, how can this be? I don’t understand how this has happened, I’m too young to get Bowel Cancer? Does that mean I’m not a coeliac? No unfortunately not – I’m still a coeliac but now with stage 3 bowel cancer too!

The tumor removed chemotherapy is now my next challenge…… and so the journey starts here! It actually makes my gluten free living a whole lot easier to love!


2 thoughts on “The Journey Starts Here!

    1. Thanks and you too – looks like you’ve been through a tough time. You’re the first person I’ve found who is close to my age group!! Wishing you all the best !! X


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